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Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a standard EV charger, but it also has optional charging modes to utilise 100% GREEN energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation. Increasing the Return On Investment (ROI) for your panels and electric car, the Zappi is easy to install and user friendly.
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Being the first-ever EV charger of its kind, our innovative team has carefully designed features and functions to give you complete control of your electric car charging experience. Paired with the MyEnergi app, you can set timers to utilise economy tariffs, use the boost function, monitor your devices, and so much more!

This future proof, intelligent electric car charging is conceived, evolved, and manufactured in-house right here in the UK.

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Zappi Eco-Smart EV Charger Point 7kW Tethered Black

Zappi Tethered Black

Zappi-207UW – 7kW Untethered White

Zappi Untethered White

Product Overview

  • Unrivalled solar PV integration
  • Zappi will automatically take your surplus renewable power and use it to charge your EV with free energy
  • Tethered and untethered options
  • The Zappi is available as either a tethered unit (cable attached) or untethered (socket only, no cable). Simply choose what works for you
  • Three charging modes
  • Eco, Eco+ and Fast – so you can decide whether to prioritise free solar energy or speed of charge
  • No earth stake needed
  • Some chargers require an earth rod, but not the Zappi. The Zappi has an open PEN conductor which means an earth stake is not needed
  • Charge scheduling
  • Set up a charging schedule to suit your lifestyle or to take advantage of when your electricity rates are cheaper, such as overnight
  • 7.4kW and 22kW options available
  • Zappi is available as 7.4kW as standard or the even faster 22kW
  • PIN security
  • Keep your Zappi secure using its built-in PIN code system
  • Monitor your solar charging
  • Zappi uses a singular CT clamp to monitor and direct your surplus solar/wind energy into your car. But by purchasing a second CT clamp, you can get full visualisation of how much energy is being produced and where it is going
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