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As Electric Vehicles become more mainstream, the costs are dropping rapidly and there are a wide variety of benefits for drivers making the switch. From the environmental impact, the savings you can make on fuel, tax and maintenance costs, electric vehicles could help you save significant amounts of money.
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What is OZEV and how do I claim the Government grant?

OZEV are The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles. To find out if you are eligible for a grant towards the cost of your installation take a look at the link below.
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What is the OZEV Electric Vehicle Home Charging Scheme (EVHS)?

If you are, or are about to become, the owner or primary user of a new or second hand plug-in electric or hybrid vehicle, you may be eligible for a Government grant to help you buy your vehicle charge point!

This £350 Government grant is currently only available to domestic electric vehicle owners, or primary users of a company vehicle.

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme is designed to help electric vehicle drivers reduce the upfront cost of the purchase and installation of a dedicated charge point at their home. It is administered by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OZEV), which is a UK Government body that is part of the Department of Transport.

Astra EV are OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) Approved to install Electric Vehicle Charging Points from Rolec, Project EV, Hypervolt and MyEnergi’s Zappi.

Do I qualify for the OZEV EVHS charging scheme?

To qualify for the OZEV grant you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • You need to have purchased an eligible electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle
  • You must have off street parking
  • You must use an OZEV approved home charging point installer
  • The date of installation must not be more than 4 months ahead of the date of delivery or the date the customer becomes the registered driver of the electric vehicle

Which vehicles are EVHS eligible (Electric Vehicle Home Charging Scheme)?

All vehicles that have been approved as ultra-low emission vehicles by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles are eligible for the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Plug-in hybrids
  • Electric vans
  • Electric taxis

OLEV maintains a list of those vehicles which are eligible.

Do I need proof of ownership of my electric vehicle?

Yes, you will need to show OLEV that you own or are the primary driver of an EVHS eligible vehicle and we do this by sending them some documents. Below details what documents we need depending on how you own the vehicle:

  • Outright owner – copy of V5C (pages 1 & 2) or proof of order
  • Personal lease – full lease agreement
  • Company car driver – letter from employer
  • Salary sacrifice – letter from employer or vehicle provider

Click here to download the designated driver proof template.

Work place

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What is the OZEV Work Place Charging Scheme (WCS)?

OZEV are funding smart charging points for the work place.

The grant pays £350 toward the cost of the charger and installation.

It’s a voucher scheme – meaning applicants apply for a voucher through OZEV and need to have it approved before we can carry out the work.

The grant will fund up to 20 chargers per business.

The business does not need to own EV’s but the company must show intent.

The scheme is open to any business, charity or public sector organisation in the UK.

Astra EV are OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) Approved to install Electric Vehicle Charging Points from Rolec, Project EV, Hypervolt and MyEnergi’s Zappi.

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National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC)

Safety in the home and at work is essential, especially when working near or with electrical equipment. With that in mind, when electrical work needs to be done an approved contractor is necessary. Since January 2005 Part P of the building regulations requires by law that you use an approved contractor for most areas of the home. In particular bathrooms, kitchens, gardens and outside areas are forbidden zones for non Part P approved installers. For more information see the NICEIC website for the householder and industry.

Astra EV is a NICEIC Approved Contractor. The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) will ensure that the company complies with all national safety standards, including BS 7671 (the IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) Wiring Regulations). That means, all the electrical work in your home or office will be completely safe.

“The NICEIC’s sole purpose is to protect consumers from unsafe and unsound electrical work.” NICEIC

“Approximately 90% of local authorities in the UK are believed to restrict work to NICEIC Approved Contractors on safety grounds.” NICEIC

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Is Astra EV approved and have the appropriate accreditation?

Yes, absolutely. All Astra EV installers are NICEIC approved.

How long does it take to charge my electric vehicle?

Most EVs fully charge overnight, which is great if you’re charging at home.

A public rapid charge point can return an exhausted EV to 80% of its range in just 30 minutes. While that’s not as quick as filling up with petrol or diesel, if you’ve driven far enough to need a recharge, chances are you’ll want a short break anyway. In the UK there are more than 30,000 public charge point connectors at over 12,000 locations and these numbers go up every year!

At home all charge points have to be smart these days. This means you can set a scheduled time for when you want your car ready, and the charger can ensure to use electricity when it’s cheapest to do so. We’ve joined forces with Rolec, Project EV and Zappi products to offer fast and reliable car charging points.

  • 3.6 KW EV Charger = 22 hours
  • 7.2 KW EV Charger = 14 hours
  • 22 KW EV Charger = 9 hours

What is the range of an EV?

The range an EV has on a single charge depends on the make and model.

Most modern EVs have a range that comfortably suits most people’s daily journey. This means you can charge your car at home or at work without impacting your routine.

For longer journeys it’s a good idea to use rapid chargers to top up as they’re the quickest way to charge your EV. You can often find them at motorway service car parks, petrol stations, larger shopping centres and supermarkets. This nicely ties in with a comfort stop on a long journey.

There are specific long-range electric cars available on the market too.

Are electric cars expensive to run?

Electric vehicles run on electricity. So, to keep your costs as low as possible, it’s wise to make sure you’re on the best Electric Vehicle tariff for your needs. See www.edfenergy.com/electric-cars/costs

No doubt a question on many minds is: are electric vehicles cheaper to run than petrol cars? Short answer is yes, it seems so!

An electric car costs around 4 pence per mile, compared to a petrol car that costs 15.8 pence per mile. These figures are based on current average costs for electricity and petrol, and new car fuel consumption data. See www.nimblefins.co.uk

What is the process on the day of installation?

Your Astra EV installer will arrive within your given time slot where possible. We ask all customers to be available for the full day in the event of delays on the day. If you have any specific availability, please be sure to let us know.

We will confirm with you about where the charger is going to be installed, based on your off-street parking, your power supply and our installation guidelines.

We will complete a final safety check of your existing electrics before starting work on the installation of your power cable and ChargePoint – many chargers also require a hardwired data connection too.

Finally, your Astra EV installer will commission and test your ChargePoint and give you a demonstration.

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